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Volunteer Opportunities

Life is never too busy that there is no time to serve.
Home Maintenance

Are you handy at home?

Lend Rachel's Light your skills for an hour or a day. 
We are often in need of:

  • Yard Work

  • Painting

  • Shoveling Snow

  • Mowing

  • Cleaning

  • Minor Repairs

Volunteer your
time and talents

We love that you love to help.  Here are some ways you may be able to put your skills to work.

  • Child Care Team

  • Helping with Taxes

  • Piano or Instrument Lessons

  • Reading with Children

  • Cooking with Kids and Moms

  • Providing Transportation

  • Deliver Extra Donations to Steele County Clothesline

  • Kid's Sports or Outdoor Activities

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Guest Advocate Volunteer

  • Night Staff Volunteer

  • Drop off a Meal

  • Assist with Fundraising

  • Prayer Team

  • Other Skills you want to share


Are you interested in making an ongoing impact in a woman’s life?


If giving guidance, support and inspiration to our guests is speaking to you please let us know.

Helping Hands
Volunteers Packing Food
Youth Organization 2
To Volunteer

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